Tourism Ministry Envisions Makassar As a Hub City


Tourism Minister Arief Yahya urges the governor of South Sulawesi and Makassar regent to work together in developing Makassar to become a hub city.

Economically and geographically speaking, Makassar is seen as the perfect city in the eastern part of Indonesia that can be designed to be similar to Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

One of the benefits of making Makassar as a hub city is that it can help promote Wakatobi Regency, Selayar island and Taka Bone Rate National Park.

“Makassar will be the hub for the surrounding islands and it’s also going to improve the marine tourism there,” said the minister at the launching event of Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum (MIEFF) 2017 on Tuesday, May 9.

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