Prabowo Subianto: Make Indonesia Great Again

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Jakarta   —    Indonesian presidential candidate number 02, Prabowo  Subianto exemplifies the action of the United States which declared a trade war with China. Prabowo said that after the US lost the competition and announced that there was `no free trade, American First, and Make America Great Again`.

“Why don’t Indonesia dare to say: ‘Indonesia First’, ‘Make Indonesia Great Again’,” Prabowo remarked at the national meeting of the Indonesian Islamic Dawah Institute (LDII) in Jakarta, Thursday, October 11. Prabowo says Indonesia is a country that produces great commodities but instead suffers losses.

“The raw material for aluminum is bauxite, we export it in logs. We have all goods, nickel, all the great commodities. But we as a nation, can be considered that we are currently experiencing a loss,” he said.

In Prabowo’s view, the big problem in this country lies in the nation’s elites who ignore the interests of the people and it happens for years. “If I [am asked] to say who are them; I’m not gonna mention which party, which group. The elite is the element in our leadership. (In fact) I classify myself as part of the elite,” he said.

According to Prabowo, a country that is economically successful is a country that is capable of maintaining national interests. “We should not act as the messengers for other nation and we should not lose our homeland,” he said.

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