Only This Can Stop Prabowo from Running in 2019 Presidential Election



So far, various circles said the strongest challenger candidate for incumbent candidate Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in the 2019 Presidential Election is Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto.

On that basis, politician Gerindra Syarif said no one can stop Prabowo’s step to run in the 2019 Presidential Election and win the party of five-year democracy.

Moreover, he continued, seeing various survey results that show the electability of incumbent candidate is still below 50 percent, then the chance of Prabowo’s victory is wide open.

“I’ve been joking this way for a while, the one that can stop Mr. Prabowo from running is just when Mr. Jokowi’s survey is above 75 percent. I was  joking like that,” Syarif told NNC on Sunday (3/18/2018).

“If Jokowi’s survey is above 75 percent, maybe I myself will think again to encourage, but the survey proves it is below 50 percent,” he continued.

In addition, the Secretary of Commission A of Jakarta Regional Parliament explained that Prabowo’s progress in the Presidential Election is not only because he is considered capable of leading this nation to a better direction, but also to correct the present administration through healthy democratic ways.

“The Presidential Election is meant as part of the five-yearly correction. If no one corrects, then who else? That is the momentum in the Presidential Election,” Syarif said.

“Mr. Prabowo is part of the people who want to serve in the correction of the nation’s journey so far. Who else? Through what? Is it through the street parliament? Well, surely it is through a healthy democracy, through the election,” he concluded.

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