Indonesian movies have huge potential in India: Ambassador

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Indonesian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to India, Sidharto Suryodipuro, introduces the appeal of Indonesian movies to Indian audiences.

“A movie is a form of art that involves artists, actors, directors and filmed objects. It is about us, hence making it a window. [Through a movie], the audience can observe the differences and similarities. This will be the attraction for Indian audiences,” he said during the opening night of the Delhi International Film Festival (DIFF) at the Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi, Sunday Oct.14th, as reported by Antara news agency.

According to Sidharto, there is a huge potential for Indonesian movies to be screened in India, considering the two countries’ long-standing relationship even before Indonesia’s independence.

“Our relationship dates back to two thousand years prior, maybe even since the Mahabharata era. That’s the root of India-Indonesia relations,” Sidharto said.

Sidharto expressed hope that the similarities between the two countries can bring more collaborations in film and culture, as there are many dimensions in Indonesia that should be introduced to the world, and movies are among the most popular medium that can be utilized.

As an example, Sidharto said Indonesian movies like Ernest Prakasa’s “Susah Sinyal” comedy was a good window for foreigners who want to visit Sumba island in Eastern Nusa Tenggara.

“There are a lot of sides to Indonesia which is interesting for foreigners to peek into,” he adds. Movies related to Indonesia can also be a promotional tool in the international world. (

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