Willful Food Waste, Woeful Want

September 10, 2017 cdn52347rw 0

Post Views: 125   Existing food production, distribution and consumption practices have posed predicaments which contribute to a significant amount of food waste and loss. There are however conceivable solutions to address these issues at […]


Garut to Develop Volcanic Tourist Sites

January 13, 2017 cdn21jyu88 0

Post Views: 217   The administration of Garut district, West Java province, is developing the volcanic tourist sites in Talaga Bodas and Mount Papandayan, Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan said on Wednesday. Mount Papandayan is located […]


Lebak to Develop 29 Tourist Destinations

September 28, 2016 cdn21jyu88 0

Post Views: 293   The administration of Lebak district, Banten province, will develop 29 tourist destinations by 2019 to attract more domestic and foreign tourists. “Lebak has many attractive tourist sites to be developed to […]