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Torture and secrecy in Thailand

March 17, 2018 cdfunews72 0

Post Views: 43   The secret American “black site” for interrogating suspected terrorists in Thailand was known to the CIA as “Detention Site Green” but for its first detainee, it was decidedly white. Four halogen […]


Two injured as blasts rock Pattani

February 11, 2018 cdn52347rw 0

Post Views: 28 Two people were injured, including the Yaring district chief, as several bomb attacks hit Pattani province on Sunday morning. Yaring district chief Adul Meensen sustained minor injuries while inspecting a bomb scene […]

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Coral reefs get sick from plastic waste

January 26, 2018 cdminews986 0

Post Views: 84   Billions of bits of plastic waste are entangled in corals and sickening reefs from Thailand to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, scientists said. The trash is another pressure on corals, already suffering […]