Bali’s Nusa Penida Described as ‘Hidden Gem’ by European Media


It is easy to find many references to the stunning beauty of Nusa Penida in Bali, with just a quick search on Google.

One of those will be a review by Marc Casolani, published by online newspaper Malta Today on June 9.

“A small island in comparison to the rest, but the size of this island only emphasizes its sheer beauty,” Casolani wrote.

Nusa Penida’s Broken Beach (also known as Pasih Uug Beach) and Atuh Beach remain favorite spots for travelers.

But there are also many other spots on the island worth visiting.

“Manta Point, Broken Beach, Seganing Waterfall and Pura Gunung Cening are just some of the many sites you can visit,” Casolani wrote.

The Maltese newspaper also mentions Angels Billabong as a hidden gem, describing the location as a “a natural pool of turquoise color in between limestone cliffs, that comes right out to the open water.”

Angels Billabong has become a must-visit destination for travelers to Nusa Penida. There they can swim and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Travelers can also have memorable experiences by mingling with the locals and seeing them cultivate and harvest seaweed.

“The island’s main source of income comes from seaweed; therefore, it also makes for a very interesting tour. You get to witness the entire process from cultivation to harvesting. Overall, the Balinese Hindu communities live simple lives from subsistence agriculture, fishing, seaweed farming and eco-cultural tourism in coastal and remote, inland villages,” Casolani wrote.

“When it comes to lodging, there is a great selection to choose from no matter what budget you are on,” he added.

Malta Today recommends that travelers undertake trips of more than a day.

“Two to seven days would be a decent amount of time to discover the islands gems, meet the locals, soak up the sun, and explore the coral gardens that surround the island,” the article says.

During a visit to the island two years ago, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya asked the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to repair the main road on the island, as well as those on nearby Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Several public facilities have since been improved, such as the clean water supply, electricity, roads and telecommunications.

“Nusa Penida is [part of] Bali, and Bali is an icon of Indonesian tourism. Therefore, we must improve the public facilities to support tourism there,” Arief said.

The minister also proposed the construction of new docks on the island to improve access.

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