Wrong Side of The Fence

September 29, 2017 cdn25jye962 0

Post Views: 22   Rather than improving the questionable performance of his office, Attorney General M. Prasetyo has decided to join the endeavor to paralyze the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). His recent statements show a […]


Instant Doctoral Programs

September 26, 2017 cdn25jye962 0

Post Views: 28   It is time the government shut down postgraduate programs found to have produced fake PhDs. These shoddy programs allow students to obtain doctorates in less than a year, an absurdly speedy […]


Willful Food Waste, Woeful Want

September 10, 2017 cdn25jye962 0

Post Views: 57   Existing food production, distribution and consumption practices have posed predicaments which contribute to a significant amount of food waste and loss. There are however conceivable solutions to address these issues at […]


Dualistic authorities in Batam

August 25, 2017 cdn25jye962 0

Post Views: 53   Batam in the Riau Islands had from the mid1970s to the year 2000 developed as a favorite site for investors seeking cheap land, cheap labor, efficient business licensing bureaucracy and proximity […]


US-China: Competing Amidst Two Transitions

July 8, 2017 Contributor 221 0

Post Views: 102   LAST WEEK the US Navy’s guided-missile destroyer, the USS Stethem, sailed to within 12 nautical miles of Triton Island in the China-controlled Paracel Islands, inviting Beijing’s condemnation of American “provocation”. Such […]


Terror in Europe Affects Canada Too

June 6, 2017 cdn21jyu88 0

Post Views: 138   The news of the London Bridge attack was tragic enough. For the third time in just as many months, radical Islamists unleashed terror on innocent people in England. It was doubly […]


Unequal Power Makes Women Brunt of Cyber Law

March 13, 2017 cdn21jyu88 0

Post Views: 288   Against the backdrop of International Women’s Day on March 8, several Indonesian women are facing lawsuits or still recovering from unfair legal suits filed against them through the problematic Information and […]